Will GGF Really Take Over The Pirate Bay? Could Be Doubtful

from the is-it-all-a-ruse dept

Martin points us to a video interview with Hans Pandeya, the head of GGF, the supposed new owners of The Pirate Bay. To be honest, the interview seems somewhat incoherent, where he doesn't actually answer the questions, and does little to elaborate on the confusing business model he's talked about with others:
But what I found most interesting about the interview is that Pandeya repeatedly notes that his shareholders will vote on the acquisition in August, and if the company cannot show a clear legitimate business model, he doesn't think they'll approve the acquisition. The questions try to dig down on this, and Pandeya doesn't really do much to answer them, but it certainly sounds like the company has a giant out. There are some other contradictions in Pandeya's statements, as well. At one point he implies that they'll have agreements in place with record labels in time for this vote, and if they don't, then people will vote against the deal -- but then says that it will take much longer to get those deals in place, and there's no way they'd be ready in time for the vote. The whole thing remains a bizarre mystery that is more confusing than enlightening... but I'm beginning to wonder if the deal will ever happen, in reality.

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  1. identicon
    Logan, 6 Jul 2009 @ 9:46pm

    Save The Pirate Bay

    This is stupid leave the pirate bay alone, so what the shit is free. Fuck those bitches, people steal video game videos off my You Tube channel and don't see me bitching. It's like so fucking what! All copyright owners go to hell and stop bitching and suck it up. Don't like it well don't make a movie and singer and song writers don't like it well don't make songs, its so fucking simple. You sell each CD for fucking 20 bucks and that is too fucking high for a one fucking disc. Yeah I swear a lot because this shit is so stupid. DVD are even worst. Games are too fucking high for systems, they charge 60 fucking bucks that is outrageous. Stop complaining you guys, so what is free!!!

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