Judge Tosses Out Lori Drew Ruling

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The Lori Drew verdict finding her guilty of computer hacking because she may have broken MySpace's terms of service (without even having read them) was a classic example of prosecutors trying to stretch the law to punish someone who did something they didn't like, but which wasn't against the law. The implications of the ruling were quite troubling, in that they could turn almost anyone into a criminal if prosecutors wanted to charge them as such. For months, though, the judge in the case has been weighing whether or not to overturn the ruling. It's not clear why it took so long, but the judge has in fact acquitted Drew on the three charges she was found guilty of by the jury. This is good news all around. No matter what you think of Drew and what she did, prosecutors twisted the law in a way that would have set an amazingly dangerous precedent. It will be interesting to see if there's an appeal, but for now, this is undeniably good news.

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    Lettuce (profile), 3 Jul 2009 @ 9:20am

    Re: Re: It's about time...

    She wasn't just a troll - she spent weeks "befriending" this girl and printing off all the private secrets that Megan gave her to her daughter, who shared them behind Megan's back with all the other kids at school. Megan was teased, bulled, and beat up for weeks without knowing how all her peers knew her most private secrets and fears. Ms. Drew was on very friendly terms with Megan's family and KNEW before-hand that she was suicidal and had been in therapy and on medicine for chronic depression since third grade.

    She didn't just *troll* - she used the MySpace account to befriend, betray, and attack a thirteen year-old girl. Including several conversations deeply sexual in nature - how they didn't charge a forty year-old woman with something along those lines, I don't know!

    The night that the girl committed suicide was the night that Lori, her daughter Sarah, and a woman they hired on named Ashley "betrayed" Megan, flipping from "friend" to enemy mode and attacking her for anything they could think of, ending with the statement that the world would be better off without her and that Megan's entire life would be shit forever - and "he" would know, being her "boyfriend."

    An hour later when the ambulance pulled up to Megan's house, Lori had the account deleted immediately. Later she attended the funeral, offered support to Megan's grieving parents, and then, in a police interview, said she didn't feel guilty at all about the suicide since the girl was already depressed.

    This was no simple troll - I agree that something has to be done, but I would have taken it from the POV of the emotional/mental damage this woman did to a venerable child - and if NOTHING else that she KNOWINGLY contacted a 13 year-old and engaged in lengthy sexual conversations / mild cybering for months.

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