Latest Thing To Blame On Google? Koi Thieves

from the time-to-blur-the-koi-ponds dept

It seems these days you can try to blame just about anything on Google. The latest? Koi thieves. Yes, the highly sought after colorful fish are apparently disappearing at a higher-than-normal clip, including from some decently secluded koi ponds. Thus, the police have decided that it must be the fault of Google Earth, allowing the dastardly carp criminals to scout out their targets. Google, for its part, points out that Google Earth merely presents publicly available satellite imagery via its app, suggesting, correctly, that it's a bit unfair to blame Google just because Google presents the same data in a way that others could find elsewhere.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 1 Jul 2009 @ 6:06pm

    Illegal immigration killed our apartment complex koi pond, which had been in continuous existence for almost 40 years.
    It was a luxurious touch, and an added expense for the property owner, who paid a koi expert to maintain the fish and the pond.

    Our area was hit with a boom of illegal immigration from Central American indigenous people - rural villagers who immediately netted the koi fish and cooked them for dinner. If the fishmongers hadn't killed the koi, they would have undoubtedly died off because of all the piss that was flooding the pond. Hey, the concrete-bottomed fish pond was a body of water, so why the hell shouldn't you unzip your fly, aim, shoot and fire?

    The property owner finally had to pay someone to pour cement in and fill the pond up after all the fish were gone, since the water had become a de facto Porta Potty, outdoor laundry where women beat their wet clothes on the rocks, and a convenient wading pool for the tykes. Jesus H., I was the most open-minded tolerant person in the world until the illegal aliens started eating our koi fish.

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