Latest Thing To Blame On Google? Koi Thieves

from the time-to-blur-the-koi-ponds dept

It seems these days you can try to blame just about anything on Google. The latest? Koi thieves. Yes, the highly sought after colorful fish are apparently disappearing at a higher-than-normal clip, including from some decently secluded koi ponds. Thus, the police have decided that it must be the fault of Google Earth, allowing the dastardly carp criminals to scout out their targets. Google, for its part, points out that Google Earth merely presents publicly available satellite imagery via its app, suggesting, correctly, that it's a bit unfair to blame Google just because Google presents the same data in a way that others could find elsewhere.

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  1. identicon
    Gene Cavanaugh, 2 Jul 2009 @ 9:57am

    Google Earth

    Right on, Michael!
    If I were going to steal Koi (or anything else) I would do my research first (like going to Court). It wouldn't matter whether the information was on Google or buried in an archive somewhere, I would find it.
    If I wanted to PREVENT a theft, I would need to know what information was available to criminals, but with other things vying for my attention, I would look for it on Google, and stop there - it makes no sense to spend all my time looking for potential problems (the scatter gun approach, as opposed to the rifle shot approach of potential criminals).
    So, to me, it is clear that Google Earth may (and likely does) prevent crimes, but certainly it does not enable them!

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