Latest Thing To Blame On Google? Koi Thieves

from the time-to-blur-the-koi-ponds dept

It seems these days you can try to blame just about anything on Google. The latest? Koi thieves. Yes, the highly sought after colorful fish are apparently disappearing at a higher-than-normal clip, including from some decently secluded koi ponds. Thus, the police have decided that it must be the fault of Google Earth, allowing the dastardly carp criminals to scout out their targets. Google, for its part, points out that Google Earth merely presents publicly available satellite imagery via its app, suggesting, correctly, that it's a bit unfair to blame Google just because Google presents the same data in a way that others could find elsewhere.

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    Dark Helmet (profile), 2 Jul 2009 @ 6:35am

    Re: Re: Re: #4

    What the shit are you talking about?

    "The owner sold the property at the high end of the market, cashed out and retired to a foreign country"

    Okay, who was the landlord? Or if it was a Condo, who was your association prez? Because they should have been all over this. Or your just lying spewing garbage about illegal aliens.

    "Also what can you do when someone rents an apartment with fake ID and false employment information, but then pay their rent in full and on time every month?"

    Well, for starters you can not rent out to people with false papers, since you seem so sure they were illegals. If you're a condo, you can get the developer/association to not sell to people with false papers. More pointedly, you could do the neighborhood watch thing and inundate your local police with calls EVERY TIME one of these "illegals" commits any of several misdemeanors you mentioned (misuse of public property, public urination, indecent exposure, etc.etc.etc.) and have them arrested, which ought to get them on an INS bus pretty damn quick.

    Plus, it seems to me all of these "illegals" brazenly holding Koi barbecues in front of you could have been arrested for theft, with fairly stiff penalties depending on the going rate for the Koi they stole from the "owner" you mentioned. That also ought to have landed them back in Mexico.

    So basically, the moral of the story is this: if you're going to make up a complete lie in order to attempt to inflame racial tension and hatred, how about, you know, coming up with something less retarded there, Goering.

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