Googling For Porn Makes You Absent Minded?

from the well-that-explains-it dept

With China trying to stop Google from helping internet users find pornography, it appears that China has picked up its propaganda campaign. Boing Boing points us to the news that a guy quoted as part of a "man on the street" interview by China's state-owned TV news network claimed that searching for porn online can make you absent-minded:
"I have this fellow student and he's been curious about these kinds of things. He visited porn Web sites and ended up becoming absent-minded for a while."
Very convincing. Apparently, lots of other people weren't convinced by the guy's performance, and looked into his background... and discovered that he just happens to be a student intern at the very same TV news network that was asking the questions. So, if you can't find a man on the street to give you the answers that you want, apparently China finds someone they can coach.

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