Consumer Group Wants ACTA Discussions Stopped Until Consumer Rights Are Represented In Negotiations

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We've discussed in great detail how the current ACTA treaty has been mostly driven by corporate interests as a way to sneak in more draconian copyright laws through international treaty, rather than through legislative means. When consumer groups have requested a seat at the table, they've been rejected, even as industry lobbyists have had no problem being active participants in the process.

Now, a group called the Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue has demanded ACTA negotiations be put on hold until consumer groups have a real seat at the table, or at least are given access to documents being negotiated. TACD raises a number of important issues, such as respecting privacy rights and the rights of developing nations, who are often trampled over when it comes to IP protectionism from developed countries. But best of all, it points out one of the most annoying things in all efforts by copyright holders to extend copyright protection: they never, ever present any evidence for why it's necessary. It's an evidence-free zone. TACD specifically requests that real evidence be used:
Public policy on the enforcement of intellectual property rights should be informed by creditable evidence, transparent and realistic assumptions and objective peer reviewed analysis. Multiple approaches to addressing the legitimate concerns of right owners and consumers should be considered.
  • Statistics on counterfeiting and or infringement must be objective, accurate, and presented in the appropriate context.
  • Statistics on counterfeit and substandard medicines should not be combined when this misleads policy makers about the extent of either problem. The solutions to counterfeit and substandard products are often quite different.
  • Estimates of losses from infringements of intellectual property rights should be based upon realistic demand and usage parameters.
  • Governments should collect and analyze statistics on the relationship between infringement and affordability of products.
Here's TACD's full proposal:

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  1. icon
    theskyrider (profile), 29 Jun 2009 @ 7:11pm

    One day,

    Far in the future, we will be sitting around in our rocking chairs having a good laugh at all the trouble the content companies went through to get paid.

    Of course, my bank account will be close to empty because I sat through thirty years of CSI being beamed directly into my brain and being charged $3,000 an episode for the privilege. (Adjusted for inflation, of course.)

    I will look at my long-obsolete ten terabyte media server with longing for the good old days when I watched such things on a flat-panel television, then I will try to remember what television was, and that I needed my glasses to watch it, then I will settle back and watch a news flash beamed into my head...Iran just released all the political prisoners taken captive during the demonstrations following the 2009 election.

    2009? Oh yes, I remember that year. We had elected representatives to Congress! ZAP! Another message comes into my head..."You are not allowed to think about free democratic society. This warning courtesy of the Corporate States of America."

    2009? Oh, yes, that's when every country in the world signed that ZAP! treaty ZAP! that gave corporations everything ZAP! they needed ZAP! to stamp out consumer choice. ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! "We're sorry, but your thought process has strayed to freedom. This is not allowed. You will be terminated. ZAP!

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