Online Ad Rates Higher On Certain TV Shows Than TV Ad Rates

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We were just being told by a supposedly respectable media analyst that things like Hulu were anti-American, because it gave away content for "free" and could potentially bring down the entire media business. Yet, it appears that media businesses are learning how to monetize that online content quite well. Bloomberg notes that for shows like The Simpsons and CSI, online ad rates are actually higher than TV ad rates. There are good reasons for this, including the fact that advertisers recognize viewers of shows online are more committed to the shows -- in that they actively chose to seek out and watch that show, as opposed to just having the TV on in the living room while doing something else. Also, people are more willing to watch those ads, in part because they're shorter and they don't have to watch as many to get to the content they want. Now, it is true that the number of viewers still represents a substantial difference and that media companies rely heavily on carriage fees from cable companies and the like. But the idea that ads can't support TV shows online doesn't seem to be based on anything in reality.

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    hegemon13, 30 Jun 2009 @ 7:37am

    Re: Re: Re:

    And yet Chuck remains a great show because the writers are good enough to incorporate the product placement into the story. (Best Buy, though? I don't think so. The Buy More is a parody of Best Buy, not a product placement.)

    Product placement probably will be a big part of the future. Some shows will do it right, and some will be ridiculous. So, just like now, some will succeed and some will fail. If product placement is done right, it does not have to be intrusive. We run into brand names every day, so it does not have to take you out of a show to see a brand name. It does take you out if it is done Transformers-style (Hey, look! This SD card I'm holding is a SanDisk! Let me hold it up to the camera so you can see!)

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