School Votes To Pay Legal Fees Of Assistant Principal Charged In Child Porn Witchhunt

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Back in April, we wrote about the ridiculous situation involving an assistant principal who had been prosecuted for "child porn" possession because he had been investigating kids at school sending graphic images of themselves to each other. The details of the case are convoluted, but it was quite clear that the guy never should have been charged -- just as it was equally clear that the prosecutor didn't seem to care. As we noted, the judge tossed out the case, but the guy had lost his job and his name had been attached to child porn, scaring off friends and neighbors. However, it sounds like things may actually be working out (as much as something could "work out" after such an awful experience).

Ting-Yi Oei was allowed to return to his job in April, and apparently he was welcomed back warmly: "The Parent Teacher Student Association organized a welcome-back breakfast for him and the school honors society decorated his office door and desk with notes of support and Christmas lights." And, now, the school board has voted to give him $167,000 to cover his legal fees. That still doesn't fix the emotional anguish, but at least the community and the school seems to have realized that the prosecutor made a huge mistake here.

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  1. identicon
    Joseph Durnal, 26 Jun 2009 @ 4:02am

    Local Reaction

    I live just across the river from the school district in question. As you would imagine, there are strong opinions on this matter. There are folks that are just livid with the school board for doing this, and then there are folks that think the school board acted properly, but direct their anger at the commonwealth's attorney. I'd say that the group angry with the commonwealth's attorney are the people that have actually thought about the facts and not forming an opinion simply because someone said the words "child porn". It is hard to say how these things will play out, depending on if someone decides to make it an issue in the next county elections.

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