Why Isn't The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Staffed?

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Certainly one of the biggest questions concerning both the last president and the current one has been the general disregard for certain civil liberties -- especially on issues like domestic spying and warrantless wiretapping. Barry Steinhardt, over at Stanford's Center for Internet and Society, reminds us that the government is supposed to have a Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, but it doesn't. This board was created by Congress a few years back after widespread abuses of civil liberties and privacy due to The Patriot Act were discovered. But, rather than do anything about it, President Bush ignored it until the very end of his term, and didn't even fully nominate the members. Meanwhile, President Obama has done absolutely nothing with the board. To be fair, he's been busy with lots of other stuff, but this is certainly an important issue, and it's a shame that it's been ignored. Unfortunately, it seems to indicate what those in the ultimate seat of power think about everyone's civil liberties and privacy.

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  1. identicon
    Stingwolf, 25 Jun 2009 @ 5:38am


    "I don't believe that there has been widespread abuses of the patriot act."


    "I don't think any agency has logged that many cases of abuse of the Patriot act."

    That's because, up until very recently, you weren't allowed to talk about them. No joke. Look up national security letters. Also, I'm not fooled by the constitutionality ruling on the gag order. I'm certain there are "negotiations" made about disclosing the receipt of an NSL.

    Why anyone, such as yourself, still trusts the government with this kind of power is beyond me.

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