Sarkozy Talks About 3 Strikes As Defending Freedom, But Only Freedom For The Industry

from the individuals-need-not-apply dept

It appears that French President Nicolas Sarkozy still cannot understand why so many people are opposed to a "three strikes" rule for cutting people off the internet. Despite it just being ruled unconstitutional in France, Sarkozy is still standing by the law fully, promising to "go all the way" in getting it implemented. His reasoning, however, is quite bizarre, and shows a very narrow view of creativity these days:
"By defending copyright I do not just defend artistic creation, I also defend my idea of a free society where everyone's freedom is based on respect for the rights of others. I am also defending the future of our culture. It is the future of creation."
That shows a massive misunderstanding of creativity, expression and freedom these days. He's basically saying that freedom of expression shall only apply to "professional" creators, who get rights. Everyone else's rights get trampled. I don't quite see how that's a "free society" at all. It sounds like a corporately owned society, where the rights of certain "professionals" outweigh the rights of individuals.

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  1. identicon
    RD, 23 Jun 2009 @ 8:35pm just like....

    "I could post long and wide on the subject, just safe to say that generic terms like "Recording Industry" and "record execs" are sort of annoying, especially when used in headlines "Recording Industry Sues Dead Mother of 7". Actually, it might have been the RIAA, or it might have been a group in India for all we know. It is an attempt to globally vilify all that is the recording industry, sometimes fairly, but often as not a broad brush."

    You mean in the same manner as how the music industry paints all file sharers as thieves, regardless of what they share, how, when, or and legal or fair use exceptions? The same ones who are trying to get file sharers kicked off the internet for ONLY accusations of ONLY sharing ONE type of file, regardless of any other activity they might use their connection for, or if they even have ANY proof? The same ones who sue people into indentured servitude for life for sharing a few songs, not because that represents "justice", but because they are rich and powerful and know they can harm people with impunity?

    Your industry heroes are just as guilty of this sort of thing in the same manner.

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