Sarkozy Talks About 3 Strikes As Defending Freedom, But Only Freedom For The Industry

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It appears that French President Nicolas Sarkozy still cannot understand why so many people are opposed to a "three strikes" rule for cutting people off the internet. Despite it just being ruled unconstitutional in France, Sarkozy is still standing by the law fully, promising to "go all the way" in getting it implemented. His reasoning, however, is quite bizarre, and shows a very narrow view of creativity these days:
"By defending copyright I do not just defend artistic creation, I also defend my idea of a free society where everyone's freedom is based on respect for the rights of others. I am also defending the future of our culture. It is the future of creation."
That shows a massive misunderstanding of creativity, expression and freedom these days. He's basically saying that freedom of expression shall only apply to "professional" creators, who get rights. Everyone else's rights get trampled. I don't quite see how that's a "free society" at all. It sounds like a corporately owned society, where the rights of certain "professionals" outweigh the rights of individuals.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 23 Jun 2009 @ 6:34pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    Mike, Jay nailed it right on the head.

    If your blog here was about drugs, and you said "I am against drugs, and oh yeah, here is a great way to market crack", people might think that your first statement is a "wink wink" sort of a comment.

    For the most part, your posts here are venomous towards anyone who suggests music shouldn't be free, that people shouldn't be allowed to take whatever they want. You have made mosts which are clearly in support of file traders (including some glowing comments about places like TPB and their ilk).

    It is extremely hard to believe that you don't support file trading, because you support all the workings of it, all the trappings, all the methods, and all the sites around it.

    "it's time for content creators to realize they're better off coming up with business models where they don't have to "enforce their rights" because everyone's better off when they don't."

    For me, this is the killer. Translated: Because they can steal it, rather than protecting it, just give up and let them all steal it. Let 10 billion plus a year of music sales go out the window, because it's good for you.

    The reality is that if people respected copyright, there wouldn't be any need to "enforce their rights" - just like a cop can't write speeding tickets if everyone is driving the right speed.

    A suggestion from someone who has done online postings in one form or another for more than 30 years: People can't tell venom from humor unless you couch it right. Never assume everyone in the world has read everything you have written before. Oh yeah, before you click "submit" or "post", think twice. Your blog would be much more enjoyable with a little balance and a more level headed approach.

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