How Difficult Is It To Post A Bill On The White House Website For Five Days?

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It seemed like a pretty straightforward campaign promise by President Obama: all non-critical bills that were passed by Congress would be placed on the White House website for five days for people to review before the President would sign or veto. It was a mostly symbolic gesture, since, once passed, there's not much that would likely happen to change the bill, but it could allow some to make the case, one way or another, for how President Obama should respond to the legislation. We were disappointed when, at the first opportunity, Obama totally ignored this promise and signed a bill just a day after Congress passed it.

Since then? It hasn't gotten any better. The NY Times is reporting that Obama has ignored this rather simple promise on nearly every bill put before him. That's not the "transparency" we were told to expect. Even worse, the White House has now "changed the terms" of the promise (which sure sounds like "breaking the promise"), saying they'll put draft bills on the website earlier and start the "five day" clock ticking then -- even though legislation may change before Congress votes on it.

And then... there's the bizarre claim that the White House couldn't fulfill the promise due to "unexpected technical hurdles." Really? Putting up the details of a law? And waiting five days? What kind of technical hurdles are we talking about. I recognize that there are campaign promises that get broken, but there are usually at least decent reasons why. In this case, it seems to be because no one in the administration actually cares. And that's disappointing.

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  1. identicon
    Dirk Belligerent, 24 Jun 2009 @ 7:21am

    * Obama promised to not have lobbyists in his Administration and then packed it with lobbyists and (when they could sneak through) tax cheats.

    * Obama promised openness and transparency and not refuses to release information on his meetings, doing exactly what he excoriated Dubya for doing.

    * He ran against the tactics of the War on Terror and then kept and expanded the use of the same tools, like the Patriot Act. The same people who shrieked about Dubya "spying on Americans" have fallen silent proving it was never about "spying", but them not having the power themselves.

    * Obama TALKS about how we can't spend money we don't have and then jams thru wasteful and useless spending which will double the debt in 5 years and triple it in 10 years - and this isn't counting the disaster that socialized medicine and carbon taxing will wreak.

    * When Dubya had 5% unemployment and $400 billion deficits, he was bashed for "jobless recovery" and running up the debt. Obambi is looking at 10% unemployment and $1.6 TRILLION deficits and the media and his sheeple followers are praising His Holy Barackness' "creating and saving" jobs.

    * He and his flunkies have insulted our allies, like the UK and Canada (wrongly saying the latter let the 9/11 hijackers in) while coddling tyrants and thugs like Iran and Venezuela and is praised for "restoring America's status in the world."

    * Claims he doesn't want to run banks and auto companies and then throws away bankruptcy laws in order to nationalize industries, pay off his fat cat friends and reward union constituents. Future capitalists will have to calculate whether they can do business in a country where a self-anointed Emperor can seize private businesses while demagoging investors as evil people unworthy of protection; they will obviously decide that somewhere else is where they'll create jobs and wealth.

    It goes on and on and on and anyone who wasn't guzzling the hopey-changey Kool-Aid last year saw this coming and has been horrified as it's been even worse than expected in only 5 months. But what's most distressing is that the day after Obama started to walk back his signature lie, er, promise that people would be able to keep their private insurance after he seizes that 1/5 of the economy, what really chaps Tech Dirt's ass is this trivial lie that he'd allow his subjects to have a peek at what he and the Dems have committed to imposing upon them. It's like watching a genocidal dictator killing millions of his people and pointing and shrieking, "Did you see that?!? HE DIDN'T WASH HIS HANDS AFTER USING THE BATHROOM!!!!"

    Obama has a RDF that makes Steve Jobs look like a piker. I actually had a discussion last night with someone who genuinely believed - here is her exact quote verbatim - "PRIVATE INSURANCE REFUSES TO PAY FOR TREATMENT ALL THE TIME! And people have died because of their COST based decisions. The gov't will not be involved in the decision making - only the health providers." This on the same day Dear Leader restricted cigarettes because He knows what's best for us and our health, adult choice be damned.

    It's like listening to a child explain how Santa Claus will bring them a pony except these are supposedly intelligent adults. They whine about how Evil Big Business has corrupted our noble civil servants and rail about the inefficiencies of the Post Office and DMV, but magically believe that health care will be free of all the flaws that they themselves ascribed to government and business before. It's madness.

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