German Elected Official Switches Parties To The Pirate Party

from the getting-some-attention... dept

Last week, we noted that Germany may be following Australia down the very slippery slope of internet censorship with a secret blacklist of websites that ISPs must block. Not surprisingly, not all politicians in Germany support such a move, and one, Jorg Tauss, was apparently so upset by it, that he's left his own political party and signed on with the German Pirate Party instead, recognizing that being against such forms of censorship is a key plank of the party's platform. That said, the article notes that Tauss may not exactly be what the party is looking for, as he's under a cloud of speculation concerning a supposed investigation into child porn on his computer. He claims that the content was sent to him while he was investigating such content in his role as an elected official, but it could still raise questions, and pending the outcome of the investigation could potentially harm the Pirate Party's reputation if the story is different than his official one.

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    Anonymous Coward, 22 Jun 2009 @ 3:15am

    Hey, you hoist the jolly roger, who knows what you find under the flag.

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    Designerfx (profile), 22 Jun 2009 @ 5:21am

    child porn thing

    yeah, I was really wondering what the deal is with the child porn investigation, etc.

    On the same note, *tinfoil hat on* one wonders if this was intentional timing or something to brand the piratebay and demonize them as a party. *tinfoil hat off*

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    • identicon
      ARRR, 22 Jun 2009 @ 8:20am

      Re: child porn thing

      theys be making me save that them there scurvy child porn

      fire the encryption algorithm

      (being serious now, lets wait and see what happens.)

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