Jammie Thomas Ordered To Pay $1.92 Million

from the bad-bad-idea dept

Last month, we noted that it was a really bad idea for Jammie Thomas not to settle her lawsuit with the recording industry. There was simply way too much evidence for a jury not to convict her. The trial itself was, again as expected, something of a circus, rather than anything interesting or compelling. So, it should come as no surprise that, yet again, Thomas has been found guilty. But what is surprising is that the the jury chose to fine her $1.92 million, or $80,000 per song. That's $1.7 million more than the original trial. $80,000 per song! Still, it was a really bad idea for Thomas to go through with this suit as there was way too much evidence linking her to the music (and too many problems with her own testimony). Now the RIAA is handed a gift. A verdict that it can gloat about and misrepresent to its own advantages. What might be interesting is whether (for all the RIAA gloating) this ruling has a similar impact as The Pirate Bay victory had in Sweden -- galvanizing people to support the Pirate Party. Somehow, the story isn't quite as compelling though.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 18 Jun 2009 @ 7:05pm

    Re: Re:

    Huh? Take your meds today?

    Without the music out there and distributed, promotes, and supported, you would never know the artist, and therefore they wouldn't make a penny.

    I can really dive into it if you want, but here's some highlights you missed:
    * Distribution can be handled via internet/iTunes/Amazon.
    * Promotion can be done thru a hybird Youtube/Facebook/Fan Website/Local Radio Stations
    * What is support? Support could be provided by revenue generated via iTunes, short term financing via Venture Capital or a more traditional bank loans. With some venues, you could even negotiate a net-90 payment schedule, so as long as you promote it right, you could feasibly run on the ticket sales float in the near term.

    Remove the record labels, and we are back to a society with tens of thousands of bar bands, nothing more - few will ever happen to get past that status.

    Actually, it opens up the ability to re-distribute control back to the band and away from the labels and the whole ideology of "Tollbooth Based Culture" and draconian copyright.

    Several trials have shown that some artists are receiving $0.70 to the dollar gross revenue, versus the $0.20 to the dollar gross revenue under the legacy Label/Record Album Deals. Some bands have said that they've made much more in ONE self-produced album than five thru traditional record deals.

    You really need to put down the masnick koolaid and go see what the music industry actually does.

    Do you always "shoot first and ask questions later"?

    Because it's getting less and less funny.

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