Blu-Ray To Allow Users To Make 'Copies' -- With Lots Of Strings Attached

from the asterisk dept

"Beginning next year, studios and other content holders will be required to give consumers the ability to make one copy of any Blu-ray Disc they buy," says the article (via Engadget). Sounds great -- movie studios and others finally realizing that people should be able to freely back up DVDs they legitimately purchase. The devil, of course, is in the details. While discs will have to support this "managed copy" feature, it will require new hardware, and there's no mandate that DVD player manufacturers include support for it at all. The copy, as you'd expect, is all DRM'ed up, and in order to make the copy, the Blu-ray player will have to connect to an "authorization server". This is the sort of model that's caused lots of problems in the past, when companies decide to pull the plug on the servers, rendering the feature useless. But the biggest potential problem with the feature is that movie studios and others will be free to charge whatever they wish for it. That means this really isn't a backup or a copy at all, it's simply the distribution means for the latest incarnation of the entertainment industry's favorite business model: getting people to pay for the same content over and over. That's why the studios want to block things like Real DVD -- not because they'll increase piracy, but because they cut off the only business model the studios can see for digital content.

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  1. identicon
    g bruno, 18 Jun 2009 @ 4:33pm

    prc compression

    off topic, but...
    How do the PRChinese bootleggers put 24 movies on one DVD?
    Must be some fantastic compression algorithms!
    The pictures sometimes get blocky - eg when running through forests, the algorithm seems to choke on lots of leaf patterns. (apocalypto)
    The labels say blu-ray, but thats PRC BS, they're just DVDS,
    cost about $2.
    Best quality: Oscar pre-release movies, evidently sold by "academy members" to PRC.
    Worst quality: handheld camera in cinema, where people sometimes stroll in front of the camera.
    Bangkok, Manila, the poor get to see movies before you do.
    Sadly the PRC have 'cleaned up' Hong Kong, hard to find DVDs on the street now. PRC are choking HongKong, turning it into Disneyland, they dont want it to succeed. ShenZen has all the bootleg hardware now, I bet they have DVDs on the street there.(I havnt been)

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