A Few Million Homes Still Aren't Ready For Digital TV Transition... But Don't Let That Stop It

from the bring-it-on dept

The transition to digital TV, and the shutdown of analog broadcasts, is set to finally go ahead on June 12, after a four-month delay was put into place by Congress. The delay capped off a process that's been pretty bungled from the outset, though things seem to have mostly come together over the last couple of months. Still, though, stories emerge about the 3 million or so homes that aren't ready for the transition, despite the time and money that's been spent on informational campaigns about it. It's been a pleasant surprise to see these stories largely unaccompanied by calls for further delays. The number of unprepared homes has fallen by half since the delay was announced in February, and a good way to get most of the rest (assuming they actually care) to follow would seem to be to go ahead and flip the switch. At this point, if people haven't caught on, perhaps it's the only way to get them to do so. And just in case any Techdirt readers are in that 2.8 million, hit dtv.gov or call 1-888-CALL-FCC to get info and/or help.

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  1. identicon
    The Baker, 11 Jun 2009 @ 8:46am


    Obviously from the posts here, from supposedly somewhat technically savvy people the communications on what is needed to watch DTV, when you could watch it, and why the switchover is needed in the first place.

    Most stations have been transmitting DTV for quite some time, I have been watching OTA DTV for over two years now.

    If you are watching TV in a rural or remote location where the station signal is being rebroadcast off a translator, it will still be analog and everything will work the same for the foreseeable future.

    The sixty buck cable box (Worth $20) is simple to install and quality improvement is worth it. (Grandma says Vanna looks much older in High Def.)

    If you have cable or satellite you don't need to do a damned thing.
    (Our local cable company is running a scare campaign telling antenna customers that they will "GO DARk" if they don't get cable and that their cable customers should upgrade their service to "Insure a quality viewing experience after the switchover".) What a bunch of rubbish!

    The reason for the switchover is that the FCC auctioned off the bandwidth that the American taxpayers own for billions of dollars to the large telecom corporations. The public safety rhetoric that given is only a minor fraction of the reason and could be acquired in other ways.

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