Time Magazine May Join Newspapers In Committing Suicide By Charging Online

from the good-luck-with-that dept

So, say you're a general news magazine that's struggling to remain even remotely relevant in an internet era... what do you do? Apparently if you're Time, you think about charging. This isn't all that surprising, really, given that Time Magazine published that poorly thought out article arguing for micropayments for online publications. It just makes you wonder who these people are making these decisions and if they ever bothered to look at all of the attempts in the past to charge for such content online.

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    Sneeje (profile), 1 Jun 2009 @ 1:31pm

    Re: Re: Re: Good Business Model

    >>On a more important front, I think there is too easy a tendency to equate "information" and "content."

    Perhaps, but that content better be a unique value-proposition. And I don't share your view that the items you listed (context, editorial view, images, usually fact-checked--ha!) for content are scarce--those are pretty much the definition of nearly every newspaper, blog, TV news website, etc. I also don't share your view that it is desirable to get all of this from a limited number of sources, because "an editorial point of view" automatically makes me suspicious. I want many points-of-view to construct my views.

    If you wish the information to be packaged for you then perhaps a paywall would make sense for you, but then you would be limited to only those paywalls you could afford and have fun keeping track of all of those subscriptions.

    Setting business issues aside, I think that collectively we would all be worse off in terms of information/content/whatever sharing, because the more paywalls the greater barriers to that sharing.

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