Time Magazine May Join Newspapers In Committing Suicide By Charging Online

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So, say you're a general news magazine that's struggling to remain even remotely relevant in an internet era... what do you do? Apparently if you're Time, you think about charging. This isn't all that surprising, really, given that Time Magazine published that poorly thought out article arguing for micropayments for online publications. It just makes you wonder who these people are making these decisions and if they ever bothered to look at all of the attempts in the past to charge for such content online.

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    BobinBaltimore (profile), 1 Jun 2009 @ 8:07am

    Re: Re: Re: Bingo

    Mike...is WSJ a "special case" or is it actually a much more typical case. While we tend to think of Big Newspapers and Generalist Magazines, the fact is that there are a lot more specialty or affinity publications in the world, than general ones. Yes, general circ of big papers/mags is larger, but perhaps not as valuable from a business perspective in this new era. Pubs which cater to a specific, motivated, interested group of readers will absolutely fair better in a paid content environment than most generalist pubs. Whether they do well enough to survive and thrive is situation-dependent. And I do believe that some of the "elite" generalist pubs *can* do fine with a paywall so long as they maintain high quality, cater to their readers and offer differentiating voices (largely commentary and investigative journalism) not easily or readily available elsewhere.

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