Band Celebrates 'Super Fan' Who Burns Their CD And Gives It Out To Everyone

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While we still have various old media execs insisting that piracy is destroying content creators, every day we're seeing new examples of content creators who have learned to embrace sharing, recognizing that it's actually free promotion and free distribution. Via Ian Rogers, we find out about how the band Chester French isn't just encouraging people to share their music, they're actively promoting fans who are burning copies of their CD and handing them out to friends and strangers. In fact, they just put up a silly video of the guy showing others how to burn copies of the CD to hand out as well. The band gets it: these are "super fans." They're not "thieves" or "freeriders" or "leeches." They love the band and are helping to promote the band for free. Old school entertainment execs insist that bands won't have the incentive to produce if people are sharing this way, but this band seems energized in knowing they have such great fans.

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    Buzzluck (profile), 27 May 2009 @ 6:40pm

    No matter how you put it - entertainment industry revenues are down

    With P2P networks on the rise and piracy rampant in 70% of the countries in the world - the revenues will suffer greatly until the content can be hundred percent protected. Some argue that fans who distribute copyrighted material are helping to promote it, but this concept is wrong because most of the people who get it for free will not buy the authentic material unless they absolutely loved it. Then some others reason that people will want to buy the original work after testing the free or pirated one, and that this way a lot more people will get exposed to the product and thus sales will increase. But how do they know for sure? What would guarantee that people after testing free samples will not go and get the whole product for free on P2P networks or buy a pirated copy much cheaper than original? The whole paradigm of how people make money in the entertainment industry is changing. With internet, authors can distribute and promote their work more freely and cheaper than through labels and can charge whatever they deem appropriate but it will not solve the problem of piracy. The way I see it, in the future some mega-network will evolve which will tie up together physical item sales with performances and on-demand TV over internet where all work is protected and prices are dynamic depending on demand. The big IF is to find a way to protect the work 100%.

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