Trent Reznor Using His Fans And Tiers Model To Save A Life

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We've certainly talked a lot about the various ways that Trent Reznor has been exploring creative new business models that center around connecting with fans and giving them a reason to buy, but he's now using the same concepts to try to help save a life. On Wednesday, he announced a program to get people to donate money to help Eric De La Cruz get a heart transplant, whereby people who donate certain amounts to the cause will get to hang out/meet with Reznor and other band members during his ongoing tour involving both Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction (which, by the way, hits Silicon Valley tonight, for those in the area -- though, they're not accepting any more donations for people going to tonight's show). As with the Ghosts I-IV model, there are different "tiers" of support available. In just two days, he's been able to raise nearly half a million dollars, once again showing the power of having a strong community and trying to do something good with it. It will be fascinating to see if there's more that can be done along these lines in the future as well -- turning some of these business models into helping out those in need.

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    E.Nacino, 22 May 2009 @ 8:07pm

    how it all began

    FYI you don't talk about it here, but this all began as a twitter campaign. This was the brain child idea of Veronica De La Cruz, Eric's sister to try and raise money through a tweeting campaign on twitter to attract strangers to donate money for Eric's heart.

    A few of us just started tweet soliciting anyone we could. We had a lot of visibility from tweets by Demi Moore and The Expert and handful of others celebrities. People caught on and someone close to Trent informed him. Trent Reznor tweeted for our campaign and then subsequently decided to help in more substantial ways.

    Prior to Trent Reznor helping out the with the effort, the campaign attracted about $6k in donations. I would estimate that without Trent Reznor we would be about $10k now. I'm still trying to get the hard numbers on what Trent Reznor has contributed seperate from what the tweet campaign has done, but I think it may be baseless now since Trent's fans claim to have been donating generously independent of buying backstage passes. I've been trying to keep a "twlog" of the what's been happening here:


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