UK Gov't Considers Google Tax?

from the but-why? dept

Calvin was the first of a few folks to send in this story about how some in the UK gov't are discussing a series of different proposals to raise tax revenue to pay for the production of news programs on TV, with one option being creating a search engine tax, directed at Google. It seems that basically everyone admits there's no actual justification for the tax other than "Google is making a lot of money, and we need that money." Of course, it's worth pointing out that it sounds like the discussions are still quite preliminary and there are plenty who don't think it's a very good idea. The same group has also been tossing around suggestions for a broadband tax or a digital download tax that would be used in the same manner. Considering how early on the discussions are, it doesn't seem like much to get worked up about, but it is quite silly that this is even up for discussion in the first place. As people point out in the article, this would be taxing a successful growing company, helping to slow down its growth, to help fund an operation that hasn't been growing. That doesn't seem likely to help the economy very much.

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  1. identicon
    Chargone, 4 May 2009 @ 9:11am

    Re: (Flyfish. really, this 're:' box is useless if the person you're replying to didn't enter a subject)

    worth noting that the so called 'left' [which is a fairly nonsense term anyway] isn't the only one. it's just useual for the more 'left' instances of it to spend the money on actual infrastructure, while the 'right' does exactly the same crap, calls it a different name, and uses it to prop up some big business or other.

    both with little or no care for the public or reality, and much for lining their own pockets, be it in money or influence, and pushing on with their blind ideology.

    [amusingly, I'd have said basically the same thing (inverted where applicable) if the comment had been directed at the 'right']

    also, 'google tax' ? what the heck? that's just dumb. i mean, google's a business, right? they have an office there? so they already get caught by the appropriate normal taxes.

    a general tax on internet/broadband access isn't as idiotic, but at least a large port of it Better be going into providing that service. and the rest should be paying for other things of similar nature.

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