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US Trade Rep: Blame Canada For Piracy!

from the oh-come-on dept

It's still entirely unclear why the entertainment industry so dislikes Canada. There's almost no evidence that "piracy" in Canada is any bigger than anywhere else, but for some reason, every year, the industry goes on a big campaign to get Canada listed alongside countries like China and Russia as places where unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted works thrives. This year, finally, the industry succeeded, and the US Trade Rep has added Canada to its "Priority Watch List" as opposed to just the "Watch List," where it has been the past few years. Michael Geist covers just why this is absolutely ridiculous. Canada already has quite stringent copyright laws, and it has even passed stricter copyright laws over the past few years at the urging of the entertainment industry. It's difficult to see this new announcement as anything other than a condemnation of the US Trade Rep's process for putting together such a list.

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  1. identicon
    Rick Charron, 30 Apr 2009 @ 10:09pm

    Piracy and Canada

    I used to like Americans, but I'm just sick and tired oftheir endless Bull$**t.It never ceases to amaze me at the level of, and/or lack there of intelligence that is attributed to the elected politician and officials in the United states of America. What is really astounding is that they are elected! It is a daily occurrence to read what those uneducated imbeciles preach and believe. As a Canadian, I would like a 25KM. buffer zone between Canada and the USA extending from the 49th Parallel south. This ribbon of land can be used to house the offices required to analyze and return all information and / or exports headed north from the USA. It can be used to tax-the-hell-out-of all Canadian exports to the USA, including, water, petroleum products, grain, meats, minerals and wood products. (Canada doesn't need any American exports, we have enough guns and pollution as it is.)This 25km. area could also house all the asylums used to correct and educate the multitude of dysfunctional US Politicians and officials. It would also offer an area that Canadians headed south could change their minds, have a big laugh about their error and then return home without being thought of as an idiot.Canada would be better off with the 25km. ribbon of no-mans-land than having the USA as neighbours. Oh, km. is an abbreviation for kilometer, it's a metric form of measure that the entire world, except the USA uses.

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