When You Put The Military In Charge of 'Cyberdefense', Don't Be Surprised They Want To Go On The Offensive

from the uh,-we're-going-to-need-lots-of-bombs dept

A US Air Force officer says that America should build a military botnet and go on the offensive, so the system acts as a deterrent against future attacks. Who would be attacked? According to the BBC, "he argues that if a computer owner has failed to use anti-virus software and install the latest security patches, that machine may be a legitimate military target." Wow. So not having anti-virus software makes it okay for the military to attack any computer? Why stop there? Why not just blow the thing up, if it is indeed a "legitimate military target"? If these are the sorts of strategies that the military sees for cybersecurity -- which the officer has called "carpet bombing in cyberspace" -- perhaps we'd be better off with somebody else heading up the efforts.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 1 May 2009 @ 3:02pm

    Does anyone doubt that we as the United States have enemies who hate us enough to blow us up, to poison us, to cause as much loss of American life as possible? If so, where have you been over the last 100 or so years? Get your head out will ya? Lots of people are planning our demise and they don't seem to care about the rules we love to live by. We have war planning documents from the military officers of other countries that show plans for asymetric warfare -- attacking our infrastructures i.e. things that cause massive loss of lives when they fail... get it? So stopping their abiltiy to execute such plans seems like a reasonable response. Of course as ususal some people will want the military to do such unpopular work, underpay them to do it, and then persecute, marginalize, belittle, lambast, denegrate, the ones that survice the conflict. The real and most difficult enemy sometimes is often us, we destroy each other at times in the name of fairness to people who seek to destroy us and then it is a cakewalk for them to do it. Freedom; is it really just another word for - nothing else to lose? One way to find out is to actually leave the USA and go to another country. If you like it better there. Stay. My guess is (1) you won't go and (2) if you do you will become eager to return real soon. USA and our military are not perfect but you better believe they are better than the rest. That is one reason we are being targeted for asymetric warfare, the enemy can't compete with our defense or offense any other way. Oh, you don't like defending ourselves against sick evil killers who would kill and mutilate you and yours, then sit on your cold dead body and eat a ham sandwich? Shoulda guessed from the comments. You don't want to be defended and you don't want to defend. Interesting delima that will resolve itself in time, meaning you will change your mind if and when people you care about are hurt by the ones you pretend we don't need to stop.

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