When You Put The Military In Charge of 'Cyberdefense', Don't Be Surprised They Want To Go On The Offensive

from the uh,-we're-going-to-need-lots-of-bombs dept

A US Air Force officer says that America should build a military botnet and go on the offensive, so the system acts as a deterrent against future attacks. Who would be attacked? According to the BBC, "he argues that if a computer owner has failed to use anti-virus software and install the latest security patches, that machine may be a legitimate military target." Wow. So not having anti-virus software makes it okay for the military to attack any computer? Why stop there? Why not just blow the thing up, if it is indeed a "legitimate military target"? If these are the sorts of strategies that the military sees for cybersecurity -- which the officer has called "carpet bombing in cyberspace" -- perhaps we'd be better off with somebody else heading up the efforts.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 1 May 2009 @ 8:20am

    Re: Re:

    The problem with this is the same 'problem' as with piracy. If we split it into two hard lines, the military (or in the case of piracy *IAA) and those against this form of action (or in the case of piracy...well the pirates), we see on one side a business or institution that is paying people to do a job. And that's all it is to them. Now we can suppose that they love their job, and might be quite adept at, but on the other side we see a group of people that are doing something because a) they feel it is important, b) they feel they've been wronged, c) they love what they are doing, or numerous similar reasons. The latter group is the kind you don't stop. They are the people that you hire to get a job done, because to them it isn't just a paycheck, it's the most important and interesting thing they've had put in front of them in their own lifetime.

    Who would you bet on?

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