As Sarkozy Pushes Three Strikes, He Pays Up For His Own Copyright Violations

from the funny-how-that-works dept

We found it rather ironic that, just as French President Nicolas Sarkozy was so adamant about passing a three strikes law to kick file sharers off the internet, he was being accused of copyright infringement himself, specifically for using music from the US band MGMT at an event and in two online videos without securing a license. Now, you might hope that this would cause Sarkozy to rethink his stance on copyright infringement. Instead, it looks like his political party has simply agreed to pay up and make the issue go away, while still pushing for the three strikes law. It sounds like they paid about 30,000 euros, which is a lot more than the single euro that Sarkozy's party initially offered (yes, seriously). No word on whether or not this counts towards the number of strikes on Sarkozy's internet connection.

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    PrometheeFeu (profile), 7 Jul 2009 @ 12:58pm

    To be fair, a symbolic euro in damages is a common penalty in the french court system...

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