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Movie Critic To Movie Industry: Wake Up, Start Giving Consumers What They Want

from the exactly dept

We're seeing a ton of bogus claims coming out of the UK lately about how movie piracy is somehow destroying the industry. So it's good to see not everyone is buying into these false statements. Gavin King points us to a great rant by Mark Kermode, a well known film critic in the UK who points out that piracy isn't a consumer problem, but an industry problem, because the industry still treats everyone like criminals (such as taking away mobile phones from viewers, not that anyone can film a whole movie on their phone) and refuses to give them what they want.
As an example of doing things the right way, he talks about a recent film in the UK that did a "day and date" release, launching the film in theaters, DVD, pay-per-view and online all on the same day, letting people decide for themselves how, when and where they wanted to see the film. Unfortunately, when they tried that here in the US, the theaters revolted, refusing to show the film. Still, if we start seeing more successes when that's done, eventually, the theaters will have to cave in, and focus on what's always worked for theaters: making the overall experience better.

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  1. identicon
    DJ, 29 Apr 2009 @ 3:45pm


    " can still view, hold, smell, etc..."

    If you steal my identity, it's still mine, you're just using it without authorization. So, to a degree, I understand their point. If it's against the law (aka illegal), there's no gray area; it's illegal, end of story.

    The problem is the fact that it IS illegal. Like King said, it's an industry problem. If the industry changes what they allow, then the law can stay the same and everyone moves on.

    Back in the day, when a kid jumped over your white picket fence because it was a shortcut to the ball field, the worst you did was yell at him. If he kept it up YOU made a change to make both of you happy.
    In the 80's/90's, the fist time that kid jumped the fence, you sued him for assault on helpless lifeforms (grass), and then you sued the parents for negligence.
    Nowadays you sue the fence manufacturer for not making the fence high enough, and the painter for not using scuff-proof paint, and the contractor for not recommending chain-link.........

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