It Had To Happen: Blame Craigslist Gang Comes Out

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You knew it was going to happen. Following the stories about the guy in Boston who was allegedly killing women he found via Craigslist (leading some to refer to him as "the Craigslist killer," eventually people were going to start incorrectly suggesting that Craigslist deserves some of the blame. Mark sends in the news that Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has stepped up to the challenge. While she starts off by noting how helpful Craigslist can be in tracking down criminals, she quickly changes tone and suggests the company may be a part of the problem:
"I can't say they haven't been helpful. On the other hand, they are the enablers. It's all well and good to say we'll help when we're called upon . . . but in light of what's happened in Boston and around the country, it may be time for a little closer look or oversight."
Of course, that makes no sense. Crimes of this nature have gone on for ages. In fact, the details sound quite similar to the famous Jack the Ripper story. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Jack didn't use Craigslist, did he? Nor did anyone think to blame the street corners where Jack the Ripper found the prostitutes he murdered. So why are we suddenly blaming the digital equivalent?

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  1. identicon
    Duvall Patrick, 23 Apr 2009 @ 11:30am

    It's Not To Blame But.....

    Craigslist can't be held accountable for this crime. The perp is no different than Scott Peterson, Charles Stuart or any number of other sociopaths that kill without thought or remorse.

    Of course, newspapers were not ever implicated in such problems for one reason - they had a filter. The live classified order-taker and the fact that the ad insertion required payment made this type of crime very rare for the newspaper business. Yes, it's true, classifieds have been used to rob people, but such a crime has been rare.

    Craigslist has a reputation of being a seedy, shady place to do business. They can stand on the principle that they are just a service. But, at some point, CL will lose its appeal as a free and quick way to sell your car or musical instrument, particularly if similar crimes continue to occur. The only people posting there will be scammers and desperate sellers of adult services.

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