Author Offers Free Copy Of His Book To Anyone Who Writes An Amazon Review

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It's pretty common for book publishers to send out free copies of their books to book reviewers and publications. It's part of the publicity effort that any new book tends to go through. However, in this day and age, pretty much everyone is a book reviewer thanks to blogs or Amazon... and one author is responding accordingly. ChurchHatesTucker alerts us to the news that author Charlie Finlay is offering a free copy of his book to anyone who promises to review it on Amazon. Basically, he knows that the best way to build buzz around the book is to actually get people to read it, and giving away the book to people who will provide that buzz is probably a cost effective way to get some attention. Now, some might question whether the reviewers will be "fair" because they received the book for free -- but that's true of most professional book reviewers already.

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    ChurchHatesTucker (profile), 22 Apr 2009 @ 7:06pm

    Re: Re: Re: Books should be free?

    The author chooses how to distribute their thoughts and if that author selects to charge for their time and work, then good for them with sticking to a plan.

    That's true, but the only reason the authors can do that is, essentially, a legal fiction (i.e., you have the magical ability to stop others from repeating your words/music/etc.) To put it another way: it's a limit on free speech.

    Some of us (and I'm not (ever) speaking for Mike et al. here) think that was the result of a temporary aberration due to manufacturing constraints. We're now (realistically) back to a world that is much closer to Odyseus' planet. Which still managed to produce some works of note.

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