Political Candidate Drops Out Of Race Due To Racy Facebook Photos

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It really was just three years ago when we were saying we couldn't wait for the MySpace generation to run for office, knowing that the skeletons in their closets wouldn't actually be in their closets at all, but would have been posted online for all to see. While we actually expected that it would lead to a point where people pretty much brushed off and ignored such "youthful indiscretions," we certainly have't reached that point yet. A guy running for office in British Columbia, Canada, has dropped out of the election after images of him groping a woman's breast (that first appeared on his Facebook page) came to light. It's not clear when the photos in question were taken, but expect to see political candidates and their online presence scrutinized in more and more detail in future elections...

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  1. identicon
    knifight, 22 Apr 2009 @ 6:14pm

    This ain't a real story; Is it?

    This is insane. I'm much older than Mr. Lam, and I'm fairly conservative in my personal life, though I tend to liberal politics... He had to stop his candidacy because he was goofing around a party? He was playing the fool for the camera for fun, and we really had people think this had ANYTHING to do with how he'd be as an elected official? You *can't* be serious. These pictures aren't even really"racy" much less obscene or anything more serious. I know I'm late to comment on this but I'm flabbergasted. This is like an onion story - it can't be real. Freakin' loosen up Canada.. Gosh-golly-gees he's had a few beers in his life...Anybody 22 years old without at least a few pictures like that on a social site would be too weird a member of his generation to elect. He'd be too obviously outta touch with his 21st century reality!

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