Political Candidate Drops Out Of Race Due To Racy Facebook Photos

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It really was just three years ago when we were saying we couldn't wait for the MySpace generation to run for office, knowing that the skeletons in their closets wouldn't actually be in their closets at all, but would have been posted online for all to see. While we actually expected that it would lead to a point where people pretty much brushed off and ignored such "youthful indiscretions," we certainly have't reached that point yet. A guy running for office in British Columbia, Canada, has dropped out of the election after images of him groping a woman's breast (that first appeared on his Facebook page) came to light. It's not clear when the photos in question were taken, but expect to see political candidates and their online presence scrutinized in more and more detail in future elections...

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  1. identicon
    Lydia Maria-Elena Hernandez Ruiz, 22 Apr 2009 @ 6:04pm

    Back in college, I wanted a friend to take a picture of me, copying a hilarious pose that Phil Hendrie once used on an album cover to post on my blog. Now I'm glad we never got around to actually doing it. It would have involved a cigar, a pith helmet, a 40 ounce can of cheap beer, and a sleeveless denim jacket with Hell's Angel patches all over it.

    With employers now routinely checking MySpace and Facebook pages before deciding to hire someone, I'm glad we never got around to taking that photograph and posting it online.
    It wouldn't have been obscene - but it sure would have been complicated as hell to explain to a boss, future in-laws or God knows who else.

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