No Surprise Here: NSA Abused Surveillance Powers

from the but-of-course-they-did dept

This will comes as little surprise to most people, but it turns out that the NSA has been abusing its surveillance powers, collecting significantly more information than they are allowed to by Congress. Of course, we got a hint of this last year when an NSA whistleblower revealed how the NSA regularly tracked information it wasn't supposed to be tracking. And, of course, we've yet to see a secretive gov't program yet that hasn't been abused in some way. National Security Letters? FBI abused it. Warrantless wiretapping? Abused. So we should certainly be questioning why the administration is claiming that there shouldn't be oversight over any such programs, when history has shown that they have been, and will continue to be, abused.

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  1. identicon
    gwjones, 17 Apr 2009 @ 11:00am

    After COINTELPRO, some people still think the Feds are the good guys

    It's astounding, but maybe not given we live in a 'fast-food' 30-sec ad oriented society, that people forget so quickly the lessons of US history as recent as the 70's.

    The FBI and local police illegally carried out surveillance citizens exercising free speech for over a decade, planted false rumors, committed felonies that were blamed on legal organizations and then, when exposed and ordered by courts to desist and destroy illegal files, handed them off to right-wing private armies to be computerized (which they were also caught doing).

    Look a little further back, when in the 60's a plan was laid before the Joint Chiefs of Staff to blow-up John Glenn's Mercury rocket on the launch pad and blame it on Castro, thereby securing overwhelming public support for a full scale invasion of Cuba.

    If that seems like ancient history to some, ponder Donald Rumsfeld scheduled to appear before Congress on Sept. 11 to explain a $2 trillion hole in the Pentagon budget. Needless to say, instead of grilling him with questions about this unbelievable loss, he was showered with money to hunt down the vicious terrorist who blew-up the World Trade Ctr.

    Wow. I'm sure glad the government gets to listen in on all our conversations...

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