No Surprise Here: NSA Abused Surveillance Powers

from the but-of-course-they-did dept

This will comes as little surprise to most people, but it turns out that the NSA has been abusing its surveillance powers, collecting significantly more information than they are allowed to by Congress. Of course, we got a hint of this last year when an NSA whistleblower revealed how the NSA regularly tracked information it wasn't supposed to be tracking. And, of course, we've yet to see a secretive gov't program yet that hasn't been abused in some way. National Security Letters? FBI abused it. Warrantless wiretapping? Abused. So we should certainly be questioning why the administration is claiming that there shouldn't be oversight over any such programs, when history has shown that they have been, and will continue to be, abused.

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  1. identicon
    Tgeigs, 16 Apr 2009 @ 12:26pm

    Blah blah blah trust your government blah

    "Are you able to draw a correlation from that analysis to clear and present threats to national security?"

    A. No, and apparently neither are the intelligence agencies, or else they would have been more successful in stopping terrorist attacks, identifying the capacity of weapons of mass destruction, and keeping us from sending SCUDs into asparin factories.

    B. If the dangers were clear and present, we wouldn't be having this discussion because the unintelligence agencies would know WHOM to direct their activities (this assumes that they don't know, which is BS. There IS NO real threat, relatively speaking, and the NSA/CIA/FBI is doing exactly what it intends to do: spying on the American public).

    C. None of this matters anyway, because law enforcement agencies are not allowed to obtain wiretaps w/o a warrant, or else they must obtain a warrant quickly after beginning a necessary wiretap. The abuses mentioned in this article fall under that category, are illegal, and should (but won't) be stopped.

    Fascism, thy name is America

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