My Keynote At Mesh: Growing Communities And Adding True Scarcities

from the have-fun-with-it dept

A bunch of folks have been asking for video from my keynote talk at the excellent Mesh Conference, and here it is (and if you really want to download it, there's an iTunes link as well). It's also embedded below if you click through. The whole thing is an hour, but split into four separate videos. The first two are my presentation and the second two are the Q&A that followed:

It was, as always, lots of fun to do. Also, I met tons of great, wonderful, interesting and fascinating people at the event. Interacting with people is always the best part of these things. Thanks to everyone who came out -- and a special thanks to the Mesh Crew: Mathew, Rob, Michael, Stuart and Mark who have created something really special with the Mesh event and who are each amazing individuals as well.

Also, since people were quizzing me about it later: I actually do "memorize" the presentations and what's coming next. I don't see what the next slide is before I bring it up and no (as two separate people asked me...) I did not have a little device in my ear telling me what was coming next....

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 11 Apr 2009 @ 10:55pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    All I see you contributing is personal attack.

    No, Anonymous contributes often to many conversations. The Federalist Papers were Anonymous.

    That isn't much of a contribution.

    Sure, that's what *YOU* think.

    I think you probably don't want to debate issues, because you know you would love.

    What issue is that? I believe, as many do, that those that take a chance, deserve more recognition than those just sit back and let things happen. I remain quite curious of your position on Terry McBride, by the way. Perhaps I see things through a different lens.

    Umm, nothing about stuffchannel's registration has changed, and the site has been served from the same location for quite a while. Nothing else has changed.

    Um, no. I could pull up the old host info if you really want, It's on the other computer and it's late. Have a big meeting tomorrow so I'll let it go for now.

    If this is your level of "investigation", no wonder you are easily snowed by some of Mike's ideas.

    Think what you wish.

    Oh yeah, I don't "sit back smoking a fatty", sorry. I'll leave that to you.

    Oh Thanks! I enjoy talking with upright officers who are sworn in to uphold the law. No fattys needed here. The world is already too interesting.

    BTW, who the heck is "harold hill"? it sure ain't me.

    An inside joke for those that understand.

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