Keep It Simple, Segway -- Don't Team Up With GM

from the 2-wheels-are-better-than-3-or-4 dept

GM and Segway have demonstrated a 2-wheeled vehicle they call PUMA (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility). It's basically a bigger Segway that's smaller than a car, but bigger than a scooter because it seats 2 people side-by-side. Having recently visited Saigon (and seen Top Gear's Vietnam Special), I find the technological achievement of the PUMA to be absolutely ridiculous considering the time-tested utility of a 2-wheeled motorcycle (which can easily transport 2 people and zoom through insane traffic at the same time). In fact, the PUMA Project symbolizes many of the failures of the American auto industry. Instead of taking existing technologies and innovating by adapting them to suit practical needs, the PUMA Project simply takes an existing product and makes it bigger, not necessarily better. Okay, obviously, the PUMA Project is just a prototype and not meant for real world usage. But perhaps the time to show off impractical concept vehicles is not during one of the worst global recessions?

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  1. identicon
    mikeho, 7 Apr 2009 @ 11:47pm

    Re: so...

    Well, it's *supposed* to be a transportation vehicle to get you to public transportation in comfort/style... so if you live a more than a few miles from a train/bus/subway/etc... you might get the PUMA to take you there.

    The PUMA does have some potential to keep rain/snow/etc off of its passengers, but that hardly seems to justify why it needs to self-balance on 2 wheels. But then again, I don't really understand why there aren't Segway-knockoffs that just add a 3rd wheel... (maybe b/c there's no demand for Segways, and so there's even less demand for a Segway-knockoff...)

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