No One Should Profit From Criminals (Except Us)

from the subtle dept

The head of a company that makes cell phone jammers says mobile operators should hand over all the revenue they make from prisoners using contraband phones in jail. Apparently there is a "growing epidemic of inmates using cell phones in prisons", and the guy says that the "millions of dollars" in question should be given to jail officials to pay for more guards to search for phones. "Nobody should profit from criminals," he says -- except, of course, his company, which wants jammers to be made legal so it can sell some to prisons to combat this "growing epidemic". This is the same company that argued a few years back that the laws banning jammers are unconstitutional; at that point, it was targeting selling jammers to cops to block the use of phones as remote detonators. Maybe basing your business model on getting federal law changed isn't the wisest idea, eh guys?

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  1. identicon
    Weird Harold, 6 Apr 2009 @ 5:05pm

    I can't figure out why they aren't more interested in short range trackers and installing a cell with full decoding right next to the jail. That would solve a bunch of issues.

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