More Worries About UK Libel Laws Leading To 'Defamation Tourism'

from the this-should-be-fixed dept

For years, we've talked about how the significantly lower barrier to showing libel in the UK (and the higher damages) have resulted in people suing for libel in the UK for online content, even if there's no connection (at all) to the UK. Yes, there have been cases where people outside the UK have sued in the UK over content that was written, published and hosted outside of the UK (and targeted at a non-UK audience) just because of the nature of UK libel laws. Slashdot points out that this is raising concerns of an increasing number of "defamation tourism" cases in the UK, noting that such lawsuits have become "one of the UK's growing export industries." This shouldn't be seen as a good thing.

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  1. identicon
    Enrico Suarve, 2 Apr 2009 @ 4:15am

    Re: @enrico suarve

    True they do go a bit far but seriously - shock & horror that a country would have laws where the cost of litigation prevents justice?

    You gave us ambulance chasing claims laywers - consider this favour returned ;0)

    To be absolutly honest this sounds a lot like the DMCA to me "I made a threat, take down the content and do it now" can't think where I've heard that before... Yeah it sucks that if you didn't commit libel you could still be forced to take your content offline by someone with more money than you but call me a cynic - rich guys beating up on poor guys is just the way the world is designed to work

    As for the others with their "[I can't believe another country is applying its laws outside its borders]" - from Americans? Serious? Guys really, April fools was yesterday

    Yeah this is not nice but Blair & Bush have so totally screwed up so many basic human freedoms, this ones way down my list of things to even think about objecting too

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