More Worries About UK Libel Laws Leading To 'Defamation Tourism'

from the this-should-be-fixed dept

For years, we've talked about how the significantly lower barrier to showing libel in the UK (and the higher damages) have resulted in people suing for libel in the UK for online content, even if there's no connection (at all) to the UK. Yes, there have been cases where people outside the UK have sued in the UK over content that was written, published and hosted outside of the UK (and targeted at a non-UK audience) just because of the nature of UK libel laws. Slashdot points out that this is raising concerns of an increasing number of "defamation tourism" cases in the UK, noting that such lawsuits have become "one of the UK's growing export industries." This shouldn't be seen as a good thing.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 2 Apr 2009 @ 2:29am


    Really makes me want to put my red coat on and go burn some villages...

    Really? That's kinda sad. Never thought it that way, but.. Wow. Quite an answer. More than I expected. Holy cow. I hope your not who I think you are, or maybe your joking, drunk or something.

    Anyway, on point and as I commented here a couple of days ago, UK libel laws are atrocious. The question is, what can other countries do about them? Certainly laws that allow victims of libel tourism to countersue in local courts are a start.

    This is probably where we start in some sort of agreement. Nonetheless, understand that UK libel laws are not enforceable outside of Crown Countries.

    I wonder if something like the WTO could be used to force Westminster to amend English law. After all, these laws are effectively a barrier to the export of US publications to the UK.

    This would be quite a feat. You seem to be someone lacking proper A-Level backing on England. Going into this, understand England has much history, much troublesome, actually. You may best recognize yourself with the ideas seeded from a Disney Movie "Mary Poppins."

    However, considering such a revolution in basic legalism would require England to make multiple changes. First, land-wise, England is smaller than the size of the State of Oregon. To fix this, perhaps a smarter route would be to welcome, with wide open arms, immigrants from England, and Germany (I really like Germans) as well as other countries to the US.

    After this, let's recommend a higher percentage of the XDR basket. We've been lacking on this lately, and haven't tooted our horn. So If we're going to have gung-ho people sail across the Atlantic to move to the US, we deserve a little more love from the IMF. If not, they can go fuck themselves.

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