Another Driver Chooses To Believe GPS Over The Reality Of A Cliff

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Ah, yet another tale of a British driver turning on his GPS unit and turning off his brain: a guy in Yorkshire left his car teetering over the edge of a cliff after blindly following his GPS down a narrow, steep path. The GPS said it was a road, and the driver seems to have let that override his common sense, as plenty of people are wont to do. Drivers often like to blame the technology for taking them down some treacherous path, but it's not as if the device simply suggested a suboptimal route, or drove the car itself. The infallibility some people see in technology is troubling, since they seem to see things like GPS units as perfectly acceptable replacements for their brains.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 26 Mar 2009 @ 11:50am

    Re: Trust

    I'd have a lot more sympathy for this particular way of looking at satnavs were it not for this line in the news article linked:

    "Mr Jones, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, only stopped when his BMW hit a fence above Gauxholme railway bridge on Sunday morning."

    Fences do not suddenly appear. Either this man was navigating his car solely by GPS in some sort of bizzare attempt to create a real life video game, or he chose to believe that the fence wasn't real because the satnav said it wasn't.

    I can understand how people can get lost following a GPS, turn down a dirt road, end up in a dead end or end up on some guys private property (a farm or whatever). I can see how you'd assume that the satnav knows a shortcut or something.

    But people turning down one-way streets, off a cliff, onto bridges that are under repair or don't even exist any more... those people are just stupid, it's nothing to do with trust or satnavs, they're just stupid people who seem to be following the satnav without actually looking out of their windows.

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