Who Says Remixing Isn't Creative Or New?

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There's been a bunch of buzz this week about a new "album" created by an Israeli musician, Kutiman, who took videos on YouTube of people playing different instruments, and mixed them together to create a series of songs (tragically, it looks like all the attention has brought down the site right now). The end result is incredible. The music is really good, even if it's based off of a mix of high and low quality clips that no one ever would have put together otherwise. Whenever we talk about the power of "mashups" or "remixed" content, there's always someone who complains that it doesn't count, and it's not really creative or new because the remixer "didn't create anything." However, I don't see how anyone can listen to the songs created here and say that Kutiman didn't create something new and amazing. But, of course, as reader Johnjac notes, in theory, those whose videos were used on this album certainly could claim copyright infringement (in the credits, you can see all the "original" videos), and perhaps they might. But it's difficult to take seriously any copyright law that says that creating music in this manner is illegal.

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  1. identicon
    JMG, 5 Mar 2009 @ 10:38am

    Re: Re: Respect

    The funny part is that unless we respect artists rights (the original artists, not the guy who hacked them together)...

    What do you mean by respecting artist's rights? If I wanted to really respect and artist's "rights", I guess I shouldn't put on music at a party unless I know all my friends have paid for the album I'm playing. Or I shouldn't send my friend a song file or image of a painting through email, since they haven't paid for it. Making copies of albums for my friends is completely out of the question: if they want it, they can buy it themselves. I would hazard a guess that the musician/artist in question would prefer if I didn't "respect" his rights in that situation.

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