Paypal Charges $81 Billion To Fill Your Gas Tank... Demands Proof It Didn't Cost That Much

from the maybe-last-summer...-but-not-now... dept

Gas prices have gone down quite a bit since highs last summer, but it still shouldn't take long for anyone to realize that charging someone $81.4 billion (with a b) to fill your gas tank is a mistake. Yet, that's what happened to Juan Zamora when he put what he thought was $26 worth of gas into his car using a PayPal debit card. And then the best part: PayPal customer service people weren't ready to believe him, arguing with him for at least 10 minutes, before realizing that, perhaps, there was a mistake on PayPal's part.

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  1. identicon
    ehrichweiss, 2 Mar 2009 @ 1:42pm

    Re: Customer Service....

    But you know why they treat you that way? Most of the people that they deal with actually ARE wrong, lying or scamming. Sad but true.

    Here's a quick funny on the subject of "wrong".

    We get a call. This guy is claiming we're(an ISP I worked for) blocking his favorite website. No such thing is happening but this guy keeps persisting that he's typing it in correctly and that we're to blame. We send out a field tech to observe what he's doing since we can't figure it out. Come to find out he was typing "www,nameofsite,com"...using commas. No "thank you". No, "I'm sorry, I was wrong" instead we got "at least you fixed it". Fucking idiot.

    Or the grouchy old retired military dude who complained cause he couldn't get email cause he didn't READ the email we sent him that said we were imposing quotas and that mailboxes had to be cleaned out before a certain date. Asshole.

    Or the woman who called saying it was "ridiculous" that she couldn't get online and that she had to wait for us to call her back(which only took like 5 minutes) for us to discover her kids had installed Limewire and had picked up a virus that was killing her connection. Yeah, she got a "first strike" warning from me simply because she complained where other customers were simply told "be careful, if we get a complaint, you can get in trouble".

    Then there's the people who for some reason think that they can buy something and that the job of customer service is to teach them ENTIRELY how to use it. Like Windows.

    That is not the role of customer service but at some point in time our society became so fucking retarded that they assumed it was our job to spoonfeed them over the phone. Take a fucking class at the library, losers.

    Then we treat the CSR's like utter shit because WE are having a bad day. They have it worse because they deal with a ton of you assholes every day, have to listen to their managers bitch at them about time quotas, etc. so the fact that they're not all stealing our private information so they can visit us late at night with duct tape and baseball bats is beyond me.

    Being the customer doesn't mean you're always right or honest and many times means the exact opposite.

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