by Mike Masnick

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Escaped The Largest Credit Card Data Breach Ever? Well, Here's Another One...

from the just-assume-someone-else-has-your-cc-info dept

Remember last month when a credit card payment processor was forced to admit a security breach that could impact 100 million people? Well, if you were lucky enough not to get caught up in that breach, there's apparently another one to worry about. Visa and Mastercard are issuing a new warning over a different payment processor whose system was apparently compromised as well. At this rate, it's getting silly to have static credit card numbers, since it seems like we're replacing our cards every few months anyway.

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  1. identicon
    TheStupidOne, 24 Feb 2009 @ 7:49pm

    Verified Addresses, Bio Identifiers

    AND THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!! Beware everyone. the end time are upon us. The antichrist will rise soon and force us all to get RFID chips containing all of our financial information implanted in out hands or on our foreheads!!!!!

    but at least our information will be "secure"

    (waits for people to think I'm serious)

    I really should start using virtual credit card numbers for websites, but even then it doesn't help the real cards I get having their information stolen.

    hmmmm, what could be a good solution. How about a payment system for online purchases that generates a number for each individual merchant. If a charge comes through for a number that is specific to a merchant, but from somewhere else, then the bill goes to the merchant the "lost" the number. Then for an actual card, how about combine fingerprint and the card to make it work. might not be reasonable, but it is much more secure than a digital signiture.

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