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Early Warning Signs: iPhone Apps Might Not Be As Popular As Believed

from the people-don't-use-them dept

While the iPhone App Store is being used by some as an example of people willing to pay for software, people might want to wait before declaring the store a complete success. New research is coming out suggesting that many apps -- both paid and unpaid -- don't get much usage after they're purchased. The further out you go, the fewer and fewer apps people use. While this may mean that Apple and some lucky developers are making money from users who spend on apps they don't use, this should actually be an early warning that the App Store and the various apps in there aren't really delivering the value that users are expecting. That doesn't bode well for the long-term sustainability of the system. If people feel they're spending money on apps that don't have much value, they're going to be a lot less likely to come back later.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 26 Feb 2009 @ 5:01pm

    Not useful apps done by amatures = business apps

    Many software firms spec out their release plans in 3+ year increments. Some companies, such as Oracle, have already have gone to market with iPhone client software that allows customers of their ERP/CRM systems to interact with the data on the iPhone platform, thereby increasing productivity.

    Still, it seems that Apple has a leg up and what they've been able to accomplish is at breakneck speed. I theorize there will be more professional apps that cater to business crowd in the future.

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