Is FEMA The Best Group To Model A Cybersecurity Agency After?

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There's been a lot of talk about the cybersecurity policy actions the Obama administration will undertake, with few clear ideas on exactly what such a policy should entail, or what powers the much-discussed cybersecurity "czar" should have. One of the supposed leading candidates for the czarship says that what the country really needs is "a FEMA for the internet" that can coordinate responses to electronic attacks and problems. The wisdom of invoking the idea of another FEMA doesn't seem too wise, given the agency's rather tarnished reputation following its ham-fisted response to Hurricane Katrina and other disasters, but leaving that aside, there may be deeper issues. FEMA's role is largely preparedness for and reaction to natural disasters; shouldn't a cybersecurity agency be focused more on prevention than reaction? The idea of something like FEMA makes sense in the context of natural disasters and emergencies, since they are largely unpreventable and inevitable. But isn't cybersecurity an area in which prevention of disasters and attacks is arguably more important?

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  1. identicon
    weneedhelp, 20 Feb 2009 @ 1:31pm

    Re: Re: REX 84 & FEMA

    No conspiracy about it. Did YOU read it?
    I see you chose to ignore:
    The first targets in any FEMA emergency would be Hispanics and Blacks, the FEMA orders call for them to be rounded up and detained. Tax protesters, demonstrators against government military intervention outside U.S. borders, and people who maintain weapons in their homes are also targets.

    There is nothing racist about that comment. Stop being a fool by trying to discredit someone by labeling them a bigot. STRAWMAN

    FEMA - The Secret Government
    By Harry V. Martin with research assistance from David Caul

    There are more than enough articles about REX84. If you choose to ignore them then that makes you an average American.

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