Tracfone Tells Customer The Meaning Of Life... Is One Year

from the 'till-death-or-contractual-fun-due-us-part dept

Reader crcb alerts us to a fun discovery made by his sister, who had purchased a phone plan from Tracfone, including the companies advertised "Double Minutes for Life" deal. The idea is that if you sign up and pay for that plan, any additional minutes you buy actually give you double the stated number of minutes. Obviously, for some, that sounds like a really good deal. Except that, at least in this case, it turned out that the "for life" part actually only meant "one year." If she wanted to continue getting "Double Minutes for Life" she had to buy a new plan... which also apparently would only last a year. This seems quite reminiscent to various telcos having trouble understanding the meaning of the word "unlimited." Either way, I contacted Tracfone for comment on this on Monday of this week, using two separate email addresses provided on the company's website, clearly explaining what I was writing about... and have received absolutely no response. Perhaps all the folks there are out living it up... since apparently they believe life only lasts a single year, and they shouldn't waste a minute of it.

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  1. identicon
    Diego, 29 Oct 2009 @ 7:19pm

    Re: tracfone complaints

    You haven't been lucky enough to get an agent like me when you call customer service..... :D

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