About Damn Time: Phone Makers To Standardize Chargers

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The mobile-phone industry has met up in Barcelona for its annual confab, and among all the new handset releases was some more compelling news: phone makers and operators have pledged they'll standardize on mini-USB chargers. While this is being touted as mainly an environmental decision, it's a situation where environmental, economic, and usability benefits converge. Presumably, many device makers will eventually stop shipping new chargers with phones, reducing their costs and cutting charger production; users will benefit from consistency across vendors and devices. Some countries, like South Korea and China, have previously mandated that phone makers use standardized chargers and other cables; now the rest of the world can enjoy the benefits, too.

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  1. identicon
    m, 17 Feb 2009 @ 6:54pm

    Re: Re: These are not chargers...

    Dude seriously? did you get beat up a lot in high school?

    No, but you seem to have been dropped on your head a few too many times. Your response with no information nor sense is pretty good proof.

    Actually, it is more complicated than apparently you think.

    Not at all. The only thing that these adapters need to do is provide a constant voltage. Most of the time it is 5V with some variation. The actual battery chargers are located inside the phones (unless you are in Japan) either as separate chargers or part of the overall power management chip. Most basic chargers accept up to 6V continuous voltage. Higher end chargers accept much higher voltages and have built-in Overvoltage Protection. So there is nothing difficult or complicated here.

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