Frontier DSL Stands By Its Caps... Even As It Decreases Broadband Speeds

from the that's-called-not-investing dept

Frontier Communications last year was a big supporter of capping broadband usage at 5gigs (both up and down). The company is still hyping this up, claiming "It is important that customers that use less don't subsidize those that use the most." That sounds nice, and we'll be hearing that a lot from various broadband providers over the next few months and years -- but there's no proof that it's true. For example, no one seems to be offering cheaper plans for those customers who use "less." So if they were subsidizing the high end users before... what's happening to that money now? It certainly doesn't appear to be going into infrastructure improvements. As Broadband Reports points out, many Frontier customers have recently had their broadband speeds decreased from 6Mbps to 3Mbps.

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  1. identicon
    twowords, 18 Feb 2009 @ 2:33pm

    bleed the public dry

    I used to have DSL in my house from the local telco and they offered different prices for different speeds.they had a great matter the speed you always had it without limits.i do not know what they do now it has been 6 years since I had anything like that.I now use my sprint mobile since I travel everyday. I look at what the other countries of the world offer and I have got to say that the corporations in america truly know how to vampires when it comes to sucking the public dry of our hard earned money and then claiming we should like what they do for us.It is all just their way of justifing that big pay package to the CEO's.

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