by Carlo Longino

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Do Game Consoles Sold In Europe Have Power Buttons?

from the dept-of-redundancy dept

As Mike noted earlier, a new EU study says that video games are good for kids. But the BBC picked up on another angle of the report, saying that games should have a "red button" parents can press to disable inappropriate games their kids are playing. That makes you wonder: if game consoles sold in Europe don't have power buttons, how do people there turn them on? Because isn't that what such a "red button" would be, just a good ol' power switch? Ok, to be fair, many consoles' power buttons these days aren't red, but still -- if parents need a way to stop their kids playing, new laws or rules to force console makers to add a "red button" are pretty unnecessary when parents already have the ability to turn the consoles or computers off. But a law forcing parents to take responsibility is a much harder sell than putting blame on the game makers.

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  1. identicon
    wnyght, 15 Feb 2009 @ 5:28pm

    Re: Re:

    How about mom and dad smack little billy upside the head when he acts out at 6 or 7, that way he knows whats coming if he disobeys orders at 13 or 14.

    Because somewhere along the way, the governing population came up with the idea that it is child abuse to slap the shit out of a kid who wont listen to words or other "easy to handle" punishments like having time out, (LOL!) or having their stuff taken away. People have forgoten that children are not mature enough to handle a mature punishment, but what the children do understand is very basic, pain. Children are more likly to fear a wap upside the head, then having to waste an hour staring at a corner of a wall. And their will be people that read this post and freak out because i said, "children are more likly to FEAR", but, unfortunatly, fear is one of the best ways to control people, and one of the ONLY to control children. Plain and simple. Anyone that cannot accept that reality needs to consider never having children.

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