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Do Game Consoles Sold In Europe Have Power Buttons?

from the dept-of-redundancy dept

As Mike noted earlier, a new EU study says that video games are good for kids. But the BBC picked up on another angle of the report, saying that games should have a "red button" parents can press to disable inappropriate games their kids are playing. That makes you wonder: if game consoles sold in Europe don't have power buttons, how do people there turn them on? Because isn't that what such a "red button" would be, just a good ol' power switch? Ok, to be fair, many consoles' power buttons these days aren't red, but still -- if parents need a way to stop their kids playing, new laws or rules to force console makers to add a "red button" are pretty unnecessary when parents already have the ability to turn the consoles or computers off. But a law forcing parents to take responsibility is a much harder sell than putting blame on the game makers.

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  1. identicon
    fat Tony, 14 Feb 2009 @ 6:13am

    In addition

    On top of overall failure to parent complaints there is another issue at hand.
    Technical Ineptitude.
    What parent would admit 15 years ago to not knowing how to do something simple with something that they owned. Sure they may now understand HOW something worked, but they wouldn't come out and say that they were completely ignorant to its use.
    Willful ignorance of the most user friendly of history's gadgets...is out and out pathetic. Parents now admit not to knowing how to operate anything consisting of more than a clock and a handle. This leads children to go out of the way to learn the intricacies of everything the parents own. Armed with this data many parents are unable to truly shepherd their insolent flock.

    If a parent will not take the time to correct the child, the child will not realize consequences of action: good or bad.
    After that then they become emboldened by their technical superiority over the ignorant parent they feel untouchable. Soon finding themselves in situations where they are able to communicate with the world at large unprepared to deal with people in a courteous manner(largely due to aforementioned poor parenting).

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