'Blogging Won't Make You Money,' Says The Man Who Made Lots Of Money By Blogging

from the yet-another-mainstream-media-attack-on-blogs dept

It wouldn't be too much of an exaggeration to say technology journalist Dan Lyons has a Schizophrenic relationship with blogging. In 2005, he penned Forbes' laughable cover story called "The Attack of the Blogs," but a couple of years later, he was uncovered as the author of the hilarious Fake Steve Jobs blog. Alas, it seems his love-affair with the medium has faltered. In his most recent column for Newsweek, Lyons has a real surprise for everyone hoping to retire on their Google AdSense income: "while blogs can do many wonderful things, generating huge amounts of money isn't one of them." Taking a look at some recent blogging layoffs and his own paltry advertising income as the anonymous impersonator of Apple's CEO, Lyons concludes that growing rich from blogging is a "fairy tale."

What's missing from Lyons' piece, of course, is the great success he experienced as a direct result of blogging. Not only did he receive a big book deal using the same Fake Steve Jobs character he created for the blog, Lyons has been invited to speak and write widely on the topic. Further, it's doubtful that his high-profile switch from Forbes to Newsweek was anything but augmented by his blogging success. While relying on traditional advertising may not be the most promising business plan - especially given today's market - blogging can and does serve as an integral part of the success Lyons and many others seek.

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    TX CHL Instructor (profile), 9 Feb 2009 @ 11:21am

    Re: The other problem......

    I haven't had that problem myself; the march of politics provides me with more ideas than I could ever find time to write about. And the more I write, the easier it is to come up with more things to write about.

    BTW, I don't make anything at all directly from my own blog. I probably don't have more than a few dozen readers, max, and I don't even do any adsense or any other ads. But I did notice that when I added a blog (even without linking to it from my main site), my SERPs went up remarkably. I still don't bother to link to it, mainly because I'm a bit curious about whether anybody can actually find it (and a few dozen actually have, even though I'm not sure how!).

    Not sure which had the biggest effect, but between the improvement in my search engine ratings and the paranoia induced by the Empty Suit Politician from Chicago with the Blank Resume, my business has received an enormous boost.
    www.chl-tx.com Thanks, BHO!

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